Preparing for Surgery

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Prior to Surgery

  • Preparing for your surgery is very important.

  • Here is some information you should know prior to your surgery.

+ Do NOT eat or drink anything after 11:00pm the evening before your surgery. No alcoholic beverages 24 hours before surgery. PESC staff will inform you of any exceptions to this rule.


Day of Surgery

  • Here you will find important information for you to know for the day of your surgery.

  • + A responsible adult MUST drive you home and remain with you for 24 hours after surgery. You will NOT be permitted to drive yourself home from PESC.

  • + Your physician’s office will provide...


After Surgery

This information will provide you with good contact information for after your surgery if needed.

  • + If you have any questions or concerns following your procedure, contact your physician’s office.

    + If you require emergency assistance, call 911 or have a responsible adult drive you to the nearest emergency room.

    + PESC will contact you the first business day after your...