About Us


The Mission of Premier Eye Surgery Center is to provide surgical expertise in a caring atmosphere and an efficient setting with quality outcomes. To accomplish this Premier Eye Surgery Center will utilize leading edge technologies within a collaborative and cost-effective system. We will deliver these services with a goal of patient service and satisfaction, endeavoring as much as possible to create a positive healing experience for our patients.

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The Business

Premier Eye Surgery Center operates a free-standing ambulatory surgery center (ASC). The ASC is a single-specialty Ophthalmology center. This represents a unique partnership between Premier Eye Surgeons of Colorado, LLC and Boulder Community Health.

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The Market

With surgical services and facilities, we support:

  • Surgical patients and their families
  • The physician providers of Premier Eye Surgeons of Colorado, LLC
  • Boulder Community Health
  • The Boulder-Denver physician community
  • Private, government and third-party insurance payers
  • Workers’ Compensation

Our Services


  • Outpatient diagnostic and surgical services
  • State-of-art diagnostic and surgical equipment
  • Anesthesia and conscious sedation
  • Pre, intra and post -operative nursing care
  • Patient and family education
  • Billing/claim submittal